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“The home of the famous chicken vodka pizza”

If it’s the cool and striking mural that blankets the entire façade of the building located at the corner of Morris Park Avenue and Hone Avenue in the Bronx that first catches your eye and makes you think “this is no ordinary pizzeria”, you wouldn’t be alone.

Serving the Morris Park and beyond since 1989, Emilio’s of Morris Park is a comfortable neighborhood place that fills many needs, whether it’s a quick lunch, a delicious dinner or catering for your office or party.  And don’t forget about their family combo meals, perfect for those nights you’re too tired after a long day of work to cook, but still want to share a great meal with the family at home.  Choose to dine-in, take-out or have it delivered to your home or business; however you want it, Emilio’s works around your needs.

Emilio’s uses the best and freshest ingredients available to create an extensive menu of house-made Italian favorites ranging from panini, flatbreads, calzones and heroes to chicken, shrimp, seafood and vegetarian entrees to the delicious house-made tiramisu. And let’s not forget the pizza, especially the famous, craveable, bet you can’t eat just one slice “famous chicken vodka pizza”; while they won’t share the recipe, they will make as much of it for you as often as you’d like.

Owner Richie DiNardo bends over backwards to make his guests happy and, on most days, can be found moving between the kitchen, the counter and the dining room where he serves as host and master of ceremonies, chatting up regulars, greeting newcomers, making introductions and tweaking the playlist which ranges from Italian favorites to Elvis and the Beatles to Frankie Vallie, Sinatra and the like.

Born right here in the Bronx, Richie started working in restaurants here at 16 and owned his own place at 18. He has owned and operated restaurants in Miami, Georgia, North and South Carolina and Connecticut over the years and, in 2006 came full circle back to the Bronx when he bought Emilio’s in 2006. And while there’s a lot of tradition baked into Emilio’s, Richie embraces new trends like his online ordering app to meet the evolving needs and busy schedules of his guests.

Not content to rest on his laurels, Richie is always looking to improve Emilio’s, handle special requests, be a good employer and contribute to the community. So, when hunger strikes and you and your posse are craving delicious Italian or pizza, think Emilio’s of Morris Park.  Just look for the striking mural on the building and get ready for a memorable experience.